What is Look XP:

LXP is a project that provides Linux/Unix users with a desktop that has a Microsoft WindowsXP "look & feel" that is nearly identical to the real thing.

The LXP project has achieved this by collecting and modifying different pieces of the Open Source GNU software such as  icewm, idesk, xfe, and others.

The LXP project has developed all of its own themes as well as a few other useful utilities.

The LXP philosophy is to modify existing software only when it is absolutely necessary for the purpose and then submitting these modifications back to the official maintainers so they can include the new features in their own official releases should they wish to.

The eventual objective of LXP is to integrate LXP with the OpenKiosk framework.

To whom would the LXP project be of interest:

  • Linux or Unix users that want a fast and easy to use desktop, perhaps something to impress their friends who are using Microsoft WindowsXP.
  • Administrators who want to provide their users with a familiar interface to make migrating to Linux or Unix easier.
  • Kiosk workstation providers and developers.

The LXP Sourceforge project:


Administrator: Manuel Carrasco (manuel_carrasco at users.sourceforge.net).