LXP Components

LXP is a collection of GNU packages and utility scripts that provide an environment nearly identical to Windows XP on a Linux system.

Software packages suffixed with .LXP are versions modified by the LXP project

- LXP utility scripts: lxp 0.1

- Window Manager: icewm 1.2.20.LXP

- Icon Manager: idesk 0.7.5.LXP

- File Manager: xfe 0.88.LXP

- Performance viewer: xosview

- Graphical scripting dialog: Xdialog

Other usefull software

- Browser: firefox 1.x + outlook_2003 themes

- Mail: thundebird 1.x + outlook_2003 themes

- MSN client: AMSN

- Office: Openoffice.org 2.x