Dec 2006: LookXP supports different desktops: idesk, kdesktop, nautilus, xfdektop, rox desktop.  Released lxp-setup for Debian based distributions.

Nov 2006: LookXP releases binary packages for Debian based distributions

Aug 2006: LookXP is working toward submitting changes,  especially new features, to the upstream software  maintainers.  

2006-08-11 Patch 1538775 to icewm (winMenu items prefer.)
2006-08-11 Patch 1538772 to icewm (Themable Tbar, Tpanel)
2006-08-08 Patch 1536588 to icewm (search .png)[Applied]
2006-0808 Patch 1536587 to icewm (taskbar drag)[Applied]
2006-08-08 Patch 1536496 to icewm (pppstatus down)
2006-08-07 Patch 1536141 to icewm (lookFlat wrkarr)[Applied]
2006-08-07 Patch 1535911 to icewm (gnome2 locale) [Applied]
2006-08-07 Patch 1535904 to icewm (restart script)
2006-08-07 Patch 1535895 to icewm (icewmtray) [Applied]
2006-08-07 Patch 1535803 to idesk (HUP, .spec)

Jul 2006: LookXP releases its first version.